API Docs - Errors

When using the API provided by DisCal, it is good to be aware of, and be able to correctly handle various errors.

400 - Bad Request

This error means your request was invalid in some form. Make sure the POST request's content type is set to "application/json" and that you are not missing any required values in the request body.

401 - Unauthorized

If you receive this error, it means you either forgot to include the authorization header with a valid auth key or you are not allowed to use the API endpoint you are accessing (for example the login/logout endpoints).

To correct this, make sure you include the Authorization header with a valid auth key.
Furthermore, make sure you are allowed to access the API endpoint.

404 - Not Found

The requested object was not found on our servers. The object may have been deleted or the ID used was invalid.

405 - Method not allowed

If you receive this error, it means you are improperly accessing the API.
DisCal's REST API requires POST requests. This is to securely handle various data with ease.

500 - Internal Server Exception

An error occurred on our end. Everything you did was likely right, but our system failed in some way.

We log all errors that occur and will do our best to correct them. Should you get this error numerous times, contact the development team for further help.